In Graphic Design your portfolio is everything! If you are working as a freelancer your portfolio is what will give you your next job. If you are working in an advertising agency it plays a part of getting the company the next big deal. And if you are applying for a graphic design program it is what will admit you to the program.

Many applicants fail to see the importance of the portfolio, and lose their first competition and have to settle for their second, third or fourth choice. Many applicants will have to wait for another year while they spend a lot of time and money taking extra courses to improve their portfolio. This is not just very expensive, it also postpone the start of your professional career.

As a graphic designer, you must be creative, have a good imagination, a sense for shape and color. A graphic designer works with visual communication. Visual communication means to communicate ideas by creating understandable messages using images and text. The communication is aimed at a target audience, and the purpose is to achieve certain goals in this group. This is also true for your portfolio, and the application process. You need to have a certain knowledge about how to convince the portfolio assessors.

A Bachelor in Graphic Design varies from institution to institution. Schools are often specialized within the field; some are artistic;some are very industrial. This needs to be reflected in your portfolio.

How to make a portfolio includes

  • What to include in your portfolio
  • What skills are the portfolio assessors looking for
  • Problem solving skills
  • Assignments
  • Video tutorials
  • Interviews of portfolio assessors

View the contents of the “How to Make Graphic Design Portfolio” here.

The book is concentrated on assembling the portfolio in such way that makes your portfolio stand out in the crowd.
It will give you the advantage in getting the next job, or acceptance from top schools.
The book includes real assignments which you can do and include in your portfolio.

It also includes video tutorials of the main graphic design software and special tutorials to help you with the assignments and show how you can show off and pimp up the work you have done before. The book has a lot of links to some exceptional graphic design for your inspiration.

“How to make a portfolio” will take your portfolio to another level.