Do you want your portfolio to stand out of the crowd? Are you looking to strengthen your portfolio? “How to make a portfolio” will give you the advantage you are looking for.

Your portfolio is the most important weapon you have in your quest to conquer the right job or the acceptance from your favorite design school. This is where you will fail if you do not put enough effort in.

Through my last 8 years working for some of the best design schools and universities in the United Kingdom I have seen my share of portfolios, and together with my portfolio reviewing friends we have decided to give you the boost you need to create a winning portfolio!

“How to make a portfolio ebook” include:

  • what to include in a portfolio
  • articles from leading professors at design universities
  • interviews and tips from portfolio assessors
  • assignments (with example work) to do include in your portfolio
  • video tutorials related to each design field
  • video tutorials for different design software
  • examples how to display your work and how-to tutorials
  • how to make your portfolio differentiate from the crowd

Table of contents

“Portfolio” literary means a brief case, where the artist used to carry his or her collection of work. Traditionally the work used to be printed out and placed in a book. Nowadays you will find portfolios in all formats, from traditionally under arm cases, to strictly web based portfolios. The book contains information and links to different e-portfolio systems.

Although there are different disciplines of architecture and design some parts of the portfolio can be similar, and some parts need to focus on the discipline that you want to pursue a career in.


No arts or design background? We have picked out some of the best tutorials within each subject on the internet for you to learn from. There are several basic tutorials which will teach you basic arts and design skills as drawing and sketching, the use of design software and basic techniques which will get your design career started.

Get your copy of “How to make a portfolio” today and get 5 Portfolio templates for free!!